Zero AR8
Zero AR8



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Not Available Online.  The Zero Collection can be purchased from select dealers.

Tech Specs

2.2 Impact Edge

Heat-treated, built to avoid excess weight while maintaining durability

AR50 Sidewall
Carbon Fiber Layup
Carbon Kevlar Strut

Carbon and Kevlar stringers used in the tip and/or tail to add pop and extend life

Comp Series Base

Armada’s fastest base

Positive Camber

Traditional positive camber engages the tip and tail of the ski, enhancing ease of entry in, and exit out, of the turn while maintaining solid edge hold

Power-Lite Core

Stability, power and control are paramount in this 100% woodcore, enhanced with hardwood stringers, to provide supreme smoothness.

Size Chart

Length Tip Waist Tail Radius
166cm 117 84 107 18.5m
171cm 118 85 108 19.5m
175cm 119 86 109 20.5m
181cm 120 87 110 21.5m