Tanner Hall, Ski Boss
Tanner Hall

Park City, UT

D.O.B:  10/26/86
SUMMER HOME: Nicaragua
WINTER HOME:  On the road in his Sprinter Van
YEARS WITH ARMADA:  15 years.  Since Day 1…

A skiing legend. Tanner Hall has been with Armada since the very beginning as one of its founding members. Skiing’s lion has more recently elevated the Big Mountain scene after accomplishing nearly everything there is to be done in park, pipe and Big Air earlier in his career. Boasting multiple Xgames golds along with too many movie parts to count, Tanner has been one of the most influential skiers of all time, even making his come back to Chad’s Gap this past year.

“There’s nothing worse in this life than a wasted try or a wasted talent,” Tanner once told us – an apt explanation for the passion he maintains in his skiing today.

His Pro model ski the Magic J has been a staple in the Armada line for years.

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