Sammy Carlson Armada
Sammy Carlson

Hood River Oregon

D.O.B:  1/11/89
SUMMER HOME:  Hood River, OR
WINTER HOME:  Revelstoke, BC

Whether in his style or his career, Sammy Carlson has never accepted stasis. The kid who kicked in skiing’s doors with the discipline’s first-ever triple cork became the man who walked away from competition on his own terms when he found a better outlet for his creativity. Today, he’s establishing himself as one of the world’s great backcountry skiers with some of the most spectacular segments ever captured on film – including The Sammy C Project, as well as being a major influence on the all new ARV 116.

“Skiing is an art, it’s a life-long passion. Whatever you do, it’s all about the adventure…Skiing is what you make it,” Sammy told us.

Unsurpassed imagination with zero tolerance for convention.

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