Sammy Carlson Just Owned Powder Awards

Powder Magazine’s 17th annual Powder Awards went down in Breckenridge last night and it played out like a Sammy Carlson 2016 Achievement Celebration as our boy cleaned up with awards for Best Male Performance, Best Powder and Best Air for his work on Teton Gravity Research’s The Sammy C Project.

Sammy Carlson Armada Powder Awards
It was Sammy’s night, and the Powder Awards crowd showed plenty of love.

Sammy’s a perfect fit on the Armada team not only because he’s one of the most insane skiers we’ve ever seen, but also because he’s a good, grounded dude. “‘Don’t gain the world and lose your soul. Wisdom is better than silver and gold,'” Sammy told the hyped crowd from the podium. “I’m still hyped on skiing and to be be able to push the sport. To me, it’s just having fun.”

That’s what it’s about to us too.

Sammy Carlson Armada Powder Awards
How do you celebrate three awards in one night? A proper icing.

Congrats, Sammy! Read Powder Magazine’sĀ full report from Powder Awards HERE, and check out Sammy, Todd Ligare and Riley Leboe in one of the most insane powder days any of them have ever seen in our own DeepEST Day.